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During traditional butt lift surgery, Dr. Prince will make an incision near your lower back, just underneath where your underwear would sit. She will then. A Brazilian butt lift is an augmentation of the buttock region using a patient's own fat tissue. Fat removed from others areas of the body is injected into the. How is a Brazilian Butt Lift Performed? The operation entails liposuction of excess fat from a donor site that is purified and then injected into the buttocks.

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How is a buttock lift procedure performed? · Dr. · Liposuction is typically used to further contour the buttock area or thighs to achieve a balanced look. Buttock lift surgery addresses and removes excess skin and fat from the buttocks. The remaining skin is then stretched, tightened and contoured to create a. A Brazilian butt lift procedure permanently changes the shape of the pelvic frame, waist, and buttocks in a positive way. Only about 60% to 75% of the fat.

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A Brazilian Butt Lift, also referred to as a “BBL,” is a fat transfer procedure for augmenting, increasing and improving the size of the butt without silicone. The patient's own fat is taken during a Liposuction procedure, usually from around the waist and thighs. The fat is then processed and injected into the. Here you can view actual before and after plastic surgery photographs Lift with Augmentation More about the Buttock Lift with Augmentation procedure.