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Trade marks must be renewed every 10 years. You can renew a trade mark in the 6 months before it expires and up to 6 months afterwards. A trademark retains its legal status for 10 years. Trademark renewal extends protections for intellectual property rights for an entity with a trademark. What should I know before I file a trademark application? How can I renew my trademark registration? Can I pay my registration or renewal fees in.

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There's no limit to the number of times you can renew your trademark. You can and should continue to renew your registration every 10 years, as long as you're. The renewal application must reach the Trademark office at least six months before the expiry of the mark. Companies must prepare and file the application. Use this form to renew the Trade/Service Mark. (Note: Trademark Renewals can be filed within 6 months of the Next Renewal Due Date.) Trademark

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assignment), the undersigned, having heretofore duly registered a trademark or service mark in this Commonwealth and desiring to renew/assign such. Rights holders might assume that the trademark renewal process will be simple and automatic. However,. In Re Bose Corp and its progeny demonstrate that. Trademark Division. S. Second St., Rm. Springfield, IL Illinois. Trademark or Service Mark. Renewal Application.