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The top traded white wines in the past year come from the Rhône, Bordeaux, Burgundy, California, Germany and Italy. Screaming May 9, There are a number of great and expensive wines out there but not all of them investment-grade wines, so it's important to stick to right “brands”. The Super-Seconds from seem to represent extremely good value to the keen fine wine investor and we believe that there are two main reasons for this.

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Wine is a great alternative investment as it combines a solid return with low risk, and wine constitutes a solid base in every sound investment portfolio. If you looking for the best wines that deliver the most pleasure for the money, these are a few wines worth considering, Haut Bailly, Feytit Clinet, Leoville. Specialty wine shops tend to carry wines that age well, including bona fide investment-grade wines from top-tier producers and regions. However, selection may.

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Investment wine, like gold bullion, rare coins, fine art, and tulip bulbs, is seen by some as an alternative investment other than the more traditional. Wine investments tend to be medium-to-long term. One of the biggest risks is breaking, damaging, or improperly storing the bottles, which can nullify their. OenoFuture's expert consultants can help you to discover the benefits of investing in this exciting market. We are true pioneers in fine wine investment.