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Stomach cancer, or gastric cancer, originates in the stomach. Although its occurrence has declined significantly over the past two decades, stomach cancer. Most stomach cancers are a type called adenocarcinoma. This means that the cancer started in the glandular tissue that lines the inside of the stomach. Other. Because a sarcoma tumor may form almost anywhere in the body, it may affect a variety of organs. For example, sarcomas in the abdomen may cause abdominal.

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Less common malignant tumors include leiomyosarcomas, which form on the muscles lining the stomach and intestines, and lymphomas – also known as alimentary or. Tumor marker testing showed only a slight increase of carbohydrate antigen (CA). A computed tomography scan of his abdomen showed that indeterminate. A tumor of the stomach is an abnormal proliferation and dysregulated replication of the cells that make up the stomach. Stomach tumors usually grow from the.

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Gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GISTs) are rare cancers that develop in the digestive system. They are a type of soft tissue sarcoma. Soft tissue sarcoma symptoms vary person to person. 1. Growing lump 2. Abdominal pain that is worsening 3. Blood in stool or vomit 4. Black, tarry stools. Sarcomas found in the back of the abdomen (retroperitoneum) produce symptoms that develop from problems the tumor is causing (blockage or bleeding of the.