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Business umbrella insurance is a supplemental type of insurance that enhances the coverage's of underlying policies. The underlying policies are called. Commercial umbrella insurance and excess liability insurance help businesses prepare for the unexpected. CNA's Umbrella and Excess Casualty team delivers. An affordable second source of protection for your business beyond your primary insurance · Provides higher limits of liability for automobile, general liability.

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While not generally required, a business umbrella policy gives you even more peace of mind and security. Just as an umbrella protects you from the rain, a small. This insurance is a supplemental liability insurance that's widely available to businesses. Once the limits of underlying, primary policies have been set to. An Auto-Owners Commercial Umbrella policy is designed to protect your assets by providing coverage above and beyond the limits of your other policies.

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An umbrella policy provides additional insurance to help pay for claims that exceed the limits of your existing liability coverage. For example, if your. American Family's Commercial Liability Umbrella Coverage gives you peace of mind when you need it. It's provided by a package of insurance protection custom-. An umbrella insurance policy extends well beyond your home and auto insurance in case you're found liable for more than your other insurance policies can cover.